Four Generations of Building History With Over 100 Years of Business

Originally founded by Joe Vila, founded as Joe Vila Construction Company in 1916, focusing on underground construction.  The company relocated many of the homes that opened the corridor for the Eastshore Freeway (now I-80) along the Richmond, Emeryville waterfront. After World War II, Joe's sons Henry and George joined the growing family business as the company evolved to include general contracting.

During the 1960s the company's growth emphasized commercial construction, and the foundation for its current direction was set. In 1976, the company incorporated and the name was updated to Vila Construction Company.

Bob, Joe and Rich Vila, sons of Henry and George, joined in the early 1970s. As vice-presidents, their skills and expertise helped expand the company and refocus operations to meet the progressive climate of the industry.  Rich Vila went on to buy out all other Vila's and retained control of Vila Construction with his three sons, Henry, Joseph and Michael as the company continued to grow.

Having worked at Vila Construction previously, then working for another contractor in San Francisco and then coming back to Vila.  Michael Vila took the company to a new level with bringing in over $50 Million in Revenue in Contract Sales personally in 2017.  Seeing Vila hit many new goals and breaking long term goals, Michael Vila, led the charge with his family, into new heights as Vila Construction entered new waters for the company with a volume of $64 Million in 2017 and $85 Million for 2018.   With such growth, Michael felt it was time to branch out and re-brand Vila with an updated approach to contracting and keeping an adaptable mindset as the company ventured into new waters and expanded the company while Rich retained in control of Vila Construction Company, Inc. as M V P Construction LLC was looking to do more Private Work and concentrate on more relationship driven clients instead of the Public Works low bid scenarios as a majority of our work.

Re-Established in 2018, Michael Vila, as part of the 4th Generation of Vila's, continues to build the family legacy as he successfully launches the new Company in a higher direction with Christian values, God First, Family Second and Work Third, with the latest tools available into the next 100 years with his family, Tanya Vila and their 5th Generation of Children, Myles and Peyton Vila. 2018 has been a very exciting year and with lots of promise and continued success for Michael and his family.  Tanya was made majority owner and the company is run as a Woman Business Enterprise with 1/10th of our business profits being donated to our Christian Church, The Fathers House.   https://www.tfh.org