August and now September...what!?

Time is not something we can get back.....I must apologize, the weeks have just been flying by for us.....who can relate right!?  August was incredible! First off, it was Peyton's birthday, our youngest turned Three, enter the "Terrific Three's"!  Our young man is now, three.....what a great celebration/milestone.  In addition, the award came through for the City of Pinole, Fernandez Park as well as the Budweiser TI in Fairfield, yes the Large Facility in Fairfield!  Fernandez Park will start the following Monday and Budweiser will be very shortly after that, very exciting.  God has really continued to bless our company!  For those wondering, always keep praying and acting in faith and doing what is right, He is always there and he will guide your paths.  Don't stop getting fed and read your bible!  Additionally, we have also been working with Pozzan Winery in downtown Napa for their new office TI buildout, a client we have worked with in the past that we are honored to work with again!  We have also been the selected GC to build a custom home in the hills of San Jose for a client we have been working with since February 2019.  This project will start in October this year.  As we have been growing, we have found time to start our own Kitchen Remodel.  This is a major upgrade to our house as we have upgraded the 1st level structurally with 14' PSL beam to greatly increase the Kitchen area.  Special thanks again to Flynn Plumbing and Reyff Electric for making it happen on the Plumbing and Electrical work.  Tanya and I used an 8.5" x 11" conceptual sketch to make this dream possible along with windows and door upgrades.  On our next post we will link our Progress Photos, we just completed our 5th week of this major remodel and expect to have our kitchen functional in 2 weeks from Today or sooner....yes we have 2 hungry boys and don't have time to wait!  Thank you Lord Jesus and we pray for many blessing on this generation and those that read this, Amen!  Our next post will have our progress photos and what a treat that will be!