Holiday Update - M V P Focuses on God and Family

We realized its been quiet the last few months but that is because the family has been focusing on our time with God, including Prayer nights, Fasting, Pursuit Nights and spending quality time with our boys especially as Peyton has started attending Pre-School, officially starting his education.  Man has the time just flown, these are delicate years with both Boys now the ages of 4 and 2.  With changing routines and one on one time coming back to Mike and Tanya, life has been action packed to say the least!  Between dedicating time with God, School, Donating and the Holidays, work was on hold for a bit.   It was nice and we are grateful that we could afford to take time away from work but as Christmas is fast approaching and the New Year right around the corner, it seems work is back on the radar as we close out the 4th Quarter and get ready for an exciting 2019 year!

Currently we are pricing a few Kitchen Remodels, putting together some Private bids and bidding on the company's 1st Public Works Project, yes that's right we are DIR Registered too!  Some new developments we are looking at is the possibility of some Multi Family projects in the South Bay as well as some recent leads MVP as acquired very close to home.  

Please stay tuned as more develops and we head into Christmas!  God Bless and please enjoy your time with family during the Holidays, oh and be sure to stay warm! It's getting cold now!