It's already been 1 year!

Has it really been a year since we formed the business, yes it has!  The business was formed in late June of 2018 and after completing a full year, we have grown substantially. God has blessed our family and business and we thank him for that every day. M V P Construction LLC is only halfway through the fiscal year of 2019 and we have over $1 Million dollars in contract sales on the books and climbing.  We have work in both markets, Private and Public Works, something we want to maintain as an even balance of 50/50.  We are just completing a cosmetic upgrade at Flowserve in Benicia and are getting ready to start on the City of Pinole's Fernandez Park project.  We have recently put a few bids together for UC Berkeley and have been the low bidder for those Public Work projects as well.  We look forward to seeing some more awarded contracts in the near future while working on some more private developments with Owners.  After just 1 year, we have been granted the time lost before to spend more quality time with our children and experience the joy of watching them grow, learn and laugh.  After all, we don't live to work, we work to live.  Thank you Lord Jesus for taking care of us and allowing us to advance your kingdom.  Peace and Blessings to all!