May Surprises

As we say goodbye to April and enter into May, we get ready to open Uncle Sharkii Poke Bar at Sunvalley Mall in Concord.  We have officially started the Lovisa Tenant Improvement project as this project for Uncle Sharkii closes out at the Food Court.  Lovisa is a fashionable jewelry store that is founded and based out of Australia.  Working with this team has been very engaging and international.

We have also potentially picked up a framing expansion project in San Ramon and a Tenant Improvement for Trader Joes, pending final bid confirmation.   Currently, there is a lot to choose from and there has been no slowing down on the bidding train.  There are a few Public Works Projects we have bid on that we are awaiting final results and projects bid in the private sector that won't start until next quarter that we have locked in.  Pricing was accepted for Custom Homes in San Jose but we are still waiting on confirmations for starting these projects.  Work right now is currently close to home which is very nice for the kids!  We recently put a bid in at Stoneridge Mall and will hear back on this soon!  It is a very exciting time and we are looking to keep springing ahead to new heights and volume! God Bless you all!