New Year, New Season and More Work!

Just before the New Year, M V P Construction LLC was contacted to do an ADA Bathroom Upgrade for a new client in Emeryville.  We were able to provide a price the same day of the site visit and we were provided a signed contract within a few days.  Work started promptly the 1st week of January 2019! Mike received an email from a broker about a client needing a Contractor ASAP and we were readily available.  Additionally, we were also asked to take up a 7 Unit New Construction Condo Project in Palo Alto.  We are currently doing the PreConstruction for this project to meet the Owners budget.  The boys were excited upon hearing all the Good News and went right to work as you can see in the following pictures. Demo has begun and next will be the underground rough in plumbing.  Big Thanks to Flynn Plumbing for being available over the Holiday Break, they helped us lock this project in and stay within the budget the owner had available.  We are under Permit! Of Course, we are very thankful to God for his hand at play, on the 2nd day of the Job, a Truck was parked outside of our vehicle and had a friendly reminder of who is at the center, you just cannot out run God...who would want to really, ha!