Non Stop like the Heat!

June was incredibly busy for us. We have just closed out two projects at Sunvalley Mall in Concord.  We are awaiting contracts for our next project at Fernandez Park in the City of Pinole.  We will be upgrading the Park with a new modular facility and upgrading the site surrounding it.  We have also started work in San Ramon at the TRC Expansion, which will become a Trader Joe's once the shell work is complete.  Lastly, we have also started our Arroyo Viejo Renovation project in Oakland.  We are renovating the site, which includes upgrading all the windows for the children attending school there.  We are grateful to be busy and want to thank all our team members for keeping the train going, especially in this heat.  Will have more updates as the month carries on and hoping to pick up some more work with some of the bids we have continued to put out.  We are growing and will be looking to add more members to our growing business in the near future! God Bless!