Welcome Mike Gutierrez, General Superintendent and the increase of more work!

What a month! Apologies for the late blog, we have been busy.  Our ADA Bathroom Upgrade is about to finish this next week.  We just completed the Painting and have started finishes and the trim out.  Final Inspection is imminent!  We also want to announce the Hiring of Mike Gutierrez, as M V P Construction LLC's very own General Superintendent.  Welcome MIKE! Mike brings a skill set that is indescribable and a personality that lights a room up no matter what the circumstance!  We are honored that Mike has decided to join us!  Timing was perfect as M V P was awarded a job in Oakland and starting a TI at the Sunvalley Mall in Concord.  Other developments include finishing an estimate for a New Ground Up Single Family Residence in San Jose as well a few other projects we are waiting to hear back on that we have submitted bids for, Private and Public!  God is good!.  We also received a request to do a house addition while writing this blog!  Blessings to All and be on the lookout for the next blog!